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It is quite simple, and we are going to explain it to you in 3 simple steps below


Begin the process of scheduling your appointment at Londono Smiles by filling out our online consultation form and sending the necessary photos. This initial step helps us gather essential information about your case.


Once you've submitted the consultation, our team will thoroughly evaluate the details and promptly send you a personalized quote. We take the time to carefully assess your needs and provide transparent information about the recommended dental procedures.


After reviewing your quote, take the next step to secure your spot in our schedule. Reach out to us to discuss available dates, finalize your appointment, and make a deposit. This ensures that your desired time slot is reserved exclusively for you at Londono Smiles.


Dr. Jhonatan Londono is a renowned name in cosmetic dentistry with a career spanning over a decade. Since 2011, his unwavering dedication to smile perfection has earned him a stellar reputation. Operating from Colombia, his talents extend globally, attracting patients worldwide.

Dr. Londono’s distinctive expertise lies in personalized smile design. He personally crafts each dental veneer, ensuring each smile is a unique masterpiece. His innate ability to understand patients’ individual aspirations and translate them into radiant smiles has gained him a global following.

What sets him apart is his hands-on approach; he directs every aspect of smile design alongside his team. His career exemplifies the transformative power of artistic precision.

Dr. Londono’s standards in cosmetic dentistry are unmatched. He’s the trusted choice for those seeking both beautiful and confident smiles. His impact in Colombia and worldwide continues to shine brightly in the field.



At London Smiles, our history is the story of a passion tor transforming smiles and enhancing lives. Founded by Dr. Jhonatan Londono. our clinic was born with the vision of offering top-tier aesthetic dentistry that transcends conventional boundaries.

From our humble beginnings to becoming an international reference in porcelain smile design. we have upheld our commitment to excellence and innovation.


we are constantly building a smiling world, be part of the londono smile
experiencie, We are the best at what we do.

Your smile tells the story of not where you’ve been, but where you are going.Londono Smiles studio pores over every aspect and concept, mapping each shape, shade, and design.The magic of Londono Smiles is in the hands of our expert craftsmen, carefully constructing each piece as it’s own.


Edificio Q Office, CALLE 2 #20-48 SUITE 1301 Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

+57 304 647 1815